Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Quincy Douby Focused on an NBA Return

Former Rutgers standout Quincy Douby has been out of the league since the 2008-09 season, when he last played with Toronto.  Douby struggled to translate his strong collegiate play to the pro level, forcing him to go overseas and improve his game.

Douby is now playing ball in China trying to develop his game through the point guard position. An undersized two-guard by NBA standards forced teams like the Kings and Raptors to play him at the one spot, something he was not used to doing. 

On Tuesday, Douby admitted to that his brief stint in the league was mostly caused to "bad situations". Those bad situations forced him out of the league and into a Xinjiang Tigers uniform in China.

Now entering his final year with the squad, Douby feels he is confident to make his return to the NBA.

"I've been using overseas to perfect my point guard ability, so when I do go back to the NBA I'll be able to play the point guard position at a high level",  Douby said.

A scorer by nature, Douby's new skill set will be interesting to see on the pro level, as he looks to make his return next year. Although the former first round pick is just looking for another shot, he does hope to catch on with a contender.

"My agent is talking to three teams right now that are very very interested" Douby said.  "The Lakers, Hawks and Mavs are interested."

If Douby could link up with Kobe in LA or Dirk in Dallas, there's no doubt he'll not only be back, but fulfilling his dream of playing for a contender.

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