Sunday, July 29, 2012

Take Your Pick: NBA Free Agents Still on the Market

Every off-season teams get to address their long shopping list via free agency and the draft. The major pieces fall first, setting the market for the lower-tier free agents, or guys that are seen as contributors rather than stars.

This year was no different as NBA fans saw guys like Deron Williams, Roy Hibbert, and Eric Gordon set the scene for the reaming transactions in the league.

But another thing can be said about every off season-a few players somehow always manage to fall through the cracks. So here's a look at the top free agents still available:

Perhaps the best thing about Landry is his motor-it never stops. Landry is averaging 12 points and 5 rebounds for his career, but exceeded those numbers in 2009-10 when he played with the Kings. In Sacramento he was able to put up 18 points and six rebounds while averaging a steal per game as well. Any team in the league could use Landry, so don't expect him to be on the market for too much longer.

Not too long after my post, Landry signed a two-year deal worth $8 million with the Golden State Warriors. He'll play behind David Lee, and give the second unit some life. 

Barbosa is one of those guys who can do a lot in a little amount of time. A guard of all trades, he can find different ways to contribute.  Although Barbosa can shoot, defend , rebound, and pass, the drawback remains that he does everything about average, and nothing great. Still, there is always a need for a guard who can do all of the above, and he'll have his pick of teams rather than just settling.

Reports say Pietrus is "moving on" from Boston, and league should take notice. Pietrus is a guy who has not only played on championship caliber teams, but big games as well. A guy not afraid to take the big shot, Pietrus has been rumored to be looking for more than the vet-min, but his best bet may be to take a one-year deal and hope for the best next season.

Martin missed half of last year because of his overseas commitment to China, where he played with another former NBA player Quincy Douby.

After signing with the Clippers, Martin saw a drop in his offensive career numbers, but showed he could still defend with the best of em' inside. Teams can roll the dice on the former number one pick, as he showed he's still got some left in the tank.

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