Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mark Stirckland: This Dwightmare Should Have Ended Last Season

Super teams and Dwightmares, two things former NBA player Mark Strickland is not a fan of.

Could you blame him?

The NBA has seen its fair share of players hold out and force a franchises hand, but nothing has compared to the torment Dwight Howard has put the Orlando Magic through.

For two years now Dwight Howard has publicly, and privately, expressed his desire to play in another uniform. His demands have forced Orlando into bad choices and  limited trade options. The firing of head coach Stan Van Gundy is just one example of the many things Orlando has done to keep "Superman" in a Magic jersey-but it seems their star still wants to fly.

And while Howard may be following the trend of big names leaving small markets, his approach to doing so has left left a knockout blow to the Magic franchise.

"It kind of put a black eye on the game,"  Strickland said. " I look at the Dwight situation, and he's just dragging this thing out too long. He should have just went to Orlando, told them he wasn't coming back and went on and got traded during the season."

However all this could have been avoided had Howard not opted back into his final year, thus releasing all his power to be dealt in a timely manner.

"He should have nipped it in the bud last year instead of opting in," Strickland added. You got a lot of these superstars, and their young. They been in the league a long time  but their still young, they really don't know how to make those decisions the proper way."

Strickland's thoughts echo that of the NBA community, that is tired of the never-ending saga that is Dwight Howard. As we have all learned, the NBA has lost complete control of its league, and the players are now calling the shots, rather than the front office. 

Orlando is out options, and running out of time. They must deal Howard or let him walk for free, and the latter will not happen. When Orlando finally deals Howard, the world can rejoice, but until then, we must all continue to suffer though this Dwightmare.

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