Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Crowder Family Making an Impact, Both On and Off the Court

Jae Crowder may only be a second round draft pick in the NBA, but he's the number baller in the league according to his father.

Former player and Vice President of the NBRPA South Florida Chapter Corey Crowder, stopped by talkinhoopz Tuesday night and told us his son was the number one player in the league.
"If you asked me 100 times I'd give you the same answer, Jae Crowder is the best player in the NBA in my book."
Sure, that may have been a biased pick, but Jae's talent is worth far more than the late round pick in which he was selected, as multiple teams were said to have been interested in acquiring the Big East player of the year.

After being drafted by Cleveland with the 34th overall pick, Jae was then dealt to Dallas, where he will presumably be competing for playing time with Vince Carter and OJ Mayo.
His game may still need time to develop, but Corey believes his son is ready to contribute right away.

"As far as the way he plays, if he's got to make a transition, absolutely not," Crowder boldly stated.  "There's not a team in the NBA that cannot use a kid that's going to rebound, not be a hindrance on either end of the court, and just going to be a winner for the organization. I really like what he does."
But while Jae deals with the current talent, his father will be handling the former ones, as his new role will be helping retired players through the NBRPA get acclimated to a world after basketball.

"We have a lot of good programs for the retired players, we're bring on some medical insurance, some transition programs for the guys to make a smooth transition."

With Jae set to take care of business on the court, and Corey off it, the Crowder family is poised to lead the league, and its players, for many years to come.

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